12.5 Million mononuclear cells in a 1cc vial- A minimally manipulated cord blood product. Our products are ethically collected from certified and registered OBGYN’s. All donors are screened and tested to ensure the tissue is free from risk factors for infection due to relevant communicable disease agents and diseases. MATRIX is manufactured in a controlled environment using aseptic techniques to prevent contamination and cross-contamination. Quality assurance testing is performed on all products to ensure they meet FDA regulations and are safe and effective for patient use.

** Notice: Federal law requires this HCT/P tissue to be sold by or on the order of a licensed health professional (e.g.,Physician).


25 Million Mononuclear cells. 1cc Vial

$1,500 each

10-19 Vials

$1,250 each

20 + Vials

$950 each

Liquid Nitrogen Bank


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